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North Coast Therapy provides services to pediatric patients ages infant to 21 years of age, and to adults, including those in nursing homes or the hospital.

Are you worried your child is not attaining his/her development milestones? Click here to review the milestones for children ages two months to five years, and to download milestone checklists.


Are you worried about autism? Learn the signs here.


St. Lawrence County Public Health department Early Intervention Program provides services to eligible children ages birth to three years. Speech, physical and occupational therapy services as well as special instruction, service coordination and additional services are available. Click here for more information.



Adults who are developmentally disabled and those who have suffered illness or injury often benefit from the services occupational, physical and speech therapists provide. If you or someone you know would requires or is requesting occupational, physical or speech therapy, contact North Coast Therapy.


Being a caregiver to an adult (or child) who is developmentally disabled can be very rewarding, but also very challenging. Click here for tips on being a caregiver and advocate as well as other helpful resources.



After a child turns three, therapies and other services are provided to children who are designated as preschoolers with disabilities. At this point in the advocacy journey, the parent or guardian will be an important part of the team the decides the type(s) and duration(s) of services that his or her special needs child may benefit from and is eligible to receive. School age children receive services based on Individualized Education Plans or IEPs. More information about IEPs in New York - who develops them and the roles of students, parents and caregivers, and educators - is available at

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